Intellectual Property Protections For Mechanical Technologies And Processes

Based in Michigan but serving business interests throughout the United States and abroad, The Dobrusin Law Firm provides Intellectual Property counseling in multiple facets involving mechanical technology.

Whether your business is in the opening stages of reviewing possible mechanical technology processes for product development or you are ready to bring a product to market, our IP lawyers have the knowledge and experience you need.

Our Clients Span The Spectrum Of Mechanical Technologies

Our experience includes cases extending the full range of products and processes in the mechanical arts and sciences, including:

  • Household products and consumer goods
  • Containers, packaging, and shipping
  • Medical devices and methods
  • Automotive products and systems
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Commercial and residential building products
  • Food service manufacturing equipment and processes
  • Recreational products
  • 3-D printing
  • Battery and power generation